Thursday, 31 March 2011

New Magazines!

New Magazines!

A batch of new 'Doctor Who' magazines are due to be released between now and May so here's a run down of what they are!

'Doctor Who' Monster Invasion :- This new fortnightly magazine from the BBC allows readers to collect, trade and keep a brand new selection of trading cards, with each issue containing packs free and newsagents will also be selling packets alone too. The magazine is much like the earlier trading card magazine Battles in Time. The first issue is available in early May priced £1.50 (retail price £2.60 from then on) and will contain two free posters, two packs of cards and an A-Z guide of monsters.

'Doctor Who' Insider :- This new magazine is for the North American fans of the show, however it will reach UK stores in May too. Much like DWM, this new magazine from Panini and BBC America goes behind-the-scenes of the show and will feature cast and crew interviews, comic strips and much more. The first issue will be released here on the 6th May and in April in America. The first issue has two giant posters free. The UK price is currently unknown but it's US pricing is $6.99.

SFX :- The long running and much loved Sci-Fi magazine will feature the show in this month's issue and will present exclusive images and interviews from series 6. The magazine also has it's own sound effects cover which will feature the famous sound of the TARDIS. This issue will be at the standard price of £3.99

Wednesday, 30 March 2011


It's Here!!!

The trailer has just been uploaded online, and when I say just, I mean just! Hardly any other 'Doctor Who' websites have it up yet, but here at Mad Man, Blue Box - we don't wait around! This trailer is still be aired tonight at 8pm on BBC1 and BBC HD! So here it is, the official trailer for Series 6! Look out for Lily Cole and for Amy and Rory inside Tennant's TARDIS! I'm good to you lot!

'There's an App for That!'

Doctor Who Comics

'Doctor Who' Comics App Lands!

IDW Publishing and BBC have released a new 'Doctor Who' Comics App for the iPhone, iPad and other Smartphones. The app is free to download and contains three introductory comics free of charge. The store contains lots of different comics that star a variety of Doctor's from Tom Baker to Matt Smith. Each individual comic costs £1.19 and is downloaded straight away into the app's own personal comic library. The app's comic store is also frequently updated with usually two new comics per week.

The best thing about it however is the majority of IDW 'Who' comics are from America and don't make it over here to the United Kingdom so now we too can get all the latest comics! I have the app and have about 8 comics currently so I will be getting more soon!

There are some stills from the app below!
So download it now and happy reading!

Trailer Update!

The Beeb Tricked Us!

Yesterday, the BBC announced that a 60 second trailer would air during Tuesday's night prime-time slot but it never happened! Instead they are screening the trailer TONIGHT in the same allocated spot, although a specific time has not been given. Keep you eyes peeled on BBC1 tonight and I'll get the trailer uploaded on here as soon as possible!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sheen to Star!

Michael Sheen to Star!

The wonderful and multi-talented Michael Sheen will be starring alongside Matt, Karen and Arthur in the fourth episode of Series 6, 'The Doctor's Wife'. Sheen, who is most famous for portraying Tony Blair in 'The Queen' (dir: Stephan Frears, 2006) and David Frost in 'Frost/Nixon' (dir: Ron Howard, 2008), is no stranger to Sci-Fi and Fantasy either having starred in the 'Twilight' saga and most recently in 'TRON: Legacy' (dir: Joseph Kosinski, 2010).

I'm sure I'm not the only one who is rather excited to see him alongside the Doctor!

New Trailer...TONIGHT!

New Trailer for Tuesday!

It's just been announced that a brand new 60 second trailer for series 6 will air tonight (Tuesday 29th March) during BBC1's prime-time viewing slot. An exact time hasn't been allocated as of yet but the trailer will be airing. Also a shorter 20 second trailer will be airing on the CBBC Channel which will have the 'scarier' images removed.

Monday, 28 March 2011

New Episode Title!

Series 6, Episode 4 has been Named!

The 4th episode in the forthcoming series of 'Doctor Who' has a title! It is called 'The Doctor's Wife' and is written by the wonderful Neil Gaiman, author of various books and graphic novels including 'Stardust' and 'Coraline'.

I'm sure he will bring all his legendary magic to the table with this episode! Can't wait!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Doctor Who Experience

If you haven't been to or heard about the Doctor Who Experience, then head to London and check it out! It's a fantastic day out that blends an interactive tour and a massive museum! Me and my friend Tom were lucky enough to bag tickets for the opening day back in February but don't fret, the Experience is still open and is very reasonable priced! You can also pay on the door so booking isn't essential!

Click the image above to access the official website and gain all the information you need!
Here's some pictures of our day out at the Experience!

The Doctor, The TARDIS and a Smurf.

Yes, I'm inside the TARDIS!


Tom Vs. Cyberman - Only on Pay-Per-View!

Two words....Jammie Dodgers.

Boa's pretty freaky up close...


Me with the Pandorica - Excuse the evil eyes!


Come along Pond!

Rory's threads...

We get on quite well actually...

It's only blooming Davros!

Tom and the Tenth...


'A Christmas Carol', sweet!

Series 6 Information

Series 6 Approaches!

As many of you know, Matt Smith's Doctor is soon to return to our screens in 'The Impossible Astronaut', the first of a two-parter which will air on Saturday 23rd April on BBC1 and BBC HD.
What some might not know however is that the second part will be airing on Sunday 24th April which is called 'Day of the Moon' so we will get a whole weekend of 'Who' goodness!

Plus straight after both episodes on BBC1, we will get the new episodes of 'Doctor Who Confidential' so there's even more to look forward to over that weekend!

Also, I uploaded the first prequel to Series 6, but according to BBC there will be two more coming soon so we won't have to wait too much longer for more 'Who' online either!

Here's the current listings, unfortunately the times are unavailable at this point!

Welcome to Mad Man, Blue Box!

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Here's a few videos for you as a welcome treat!

So anyway, I hope you enjoy and keep visiting Mad Man, Blue Box! :)

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