Sunday, 27 March 2011

Doctor Who Experience

If you haven't been to or heard about the Doctor Who Experience, then head to London and check it out! It's a fantastic day out that blends an interactive tour and a massive museum! Me and my friend Tom were lucky enough to bag tickets for the opening day back in February but don't fret, the Experience is still open and is very reasonable priced! You can also pay on the door so booking isn't essential!

Click the image above to access the official website and gain all the information you need!
Here's some pictures of our day out at the Experience!

The Doctor, The TARDIS and a Smurf.

Yes, I'm inside the TARDIS!


Tom Vs. Cyberman - Only on Pay-Per-View!

Two words....Jammie Dodgers.

Boa's pretty freaky up close...


Me with the Pandorica - Excuse the evil eyes!


Come along Pond!

Rory's threads...

We get on quite well actually...

It's only blooming Davros!

Tom and the Tenth...


'A Christmas Carol', sweet!

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